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I am a strict vegetarian and have noticed something not once but twice since I have been there....

- The Servers here use their hands to scoop the ingredients from spoon to taco/burrito, the gloves are all soggy from meat juices

- When I order my veggie taco they keep using the same gloves for rice and beans. Which irks me....

-Either provide them good spoons or tell them not to touch food with gloves.

- I had to return the order once and ask for glove replacement once.

- But I think the damage is done when they keep touching meats and veggies...

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Maryland, United States #1332757

They touch the counters and others things and never change their gloves. Nasty!


you could have asked for them to change their gloves when you were there instead of returning your order. how are they supposed to know that you're a vegetarian? or you could not be a baby about it and just deal with some meat juice and get some protein in your diet.

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