Chipotle Burrito Meal Bowl Reviews

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I had an urge for a bowl so when I went to order I got up to the corn which to me is my favorite part of the dish.So they say we are out of corn for the night. I didn't want to cancel my order cause I pretty much were ready to pay. So I said can you add chips& guacamole! They said were out of chips!At this point I was a little disappointed. They never let the 15 people behind me know about all the stuff they were out of. Which to me is totally...
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I get chipotle at least 3× a week. I went to Avon sat April 30 and got the worst chipotle ever. They only had brown rice and I got the smallest portions that I've ever gotten. Too often the rice is undercooked. I love your food but when you can't eat it it's not cool! But I will never go to Avon again.service was poor and the servers sucked. Then I barely got any steak and they said I had extra chicken so they tore my bowl apart to make sure I...
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Today's visit was to the Eastgate Chipotle in Batavia, Ohio on 04-08-2016 at 9:10 pm. The employees were serving lettuce that was yellow and brown in a metal container. I asked to look at my chicken burrito bowl that they had prepared "to go" for me. I explained to the cashier that there was brown lettuce in their produce preparation bowl. The cashier and the prep girl looked in the bowl. The cashier stated that the lettuce was now prepared...
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