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Restaurant located at 4220 N State Road 7, Coral Springs was dirty and some staff are not really engage and care about customers.

The were papers on the floor, the garbage cans were filled, and took 20 minutes to bring ice and sweet tea. Also, a young employee was eating at front of the counter where all customers can see him. This young employee was showing to the staff that he was eating with his bare hand the corn chips container. It was really disgusting. I through in the garbage my corn chips.

I also noticed the cashier asked times to her team to bring ice and sweet tea. Everyone ignores her and pretended they were busy. The cashier resolved the problem. However, she had to go in the back and bring the sweet tea while all the customers where waiting on line to pay. It makes no sense when I witness other employees like the young fellow just eating the chips from the container. This place is looking more like POLLO TROPICAL.

Hey people if you do not like your job quit and go and run your own business. Chipotle is a great company and a great product for the customers.

Do not ruin it. It takes a lot of capital and effort to build this great companies and no effort at all for those lazy workers to ruin it. These please need a need crew.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of chipotle staff and associated monetary loss in the amount of $21. Chipotle needs to "team training, regular place inspections, secrete customers" according to poster's claims.

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you should have called their corporate office and made your complaint.


This review reminds me of the Chipotle on Falls of Neuse in Raleigh, NC. What a dump!

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