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I went to chipotle at 5175 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092 for past few years and for many times I didn't get satisfactory customer service but this time I was treated so poorly to the point where I must complain. First of all, the girl who was making my (as usual burrito bowl) had given me a very small amount of chicken so I politely requested if she could give me little more and she told me she had to charge me extra.

Then I explained her the amount she put was way too little and I am regular customer who knows how much the regular chicken amount is in a burrito bowl, side note I do get extra steak for my boyfriend sometimes so I know the regular and extra both amounts. After I requested her she told me she gave me proper amount and if I want more she has to charge me. While she was saying this, another girl just decided to come right into our conversation and said she had to charge me extra so I explained the whole situation nicely again but she was not polite at all! She told me "Well, then I guess all the years you've been coming here and other locations have been serving you wrong amount of our ingredients." I don't like to make things complicated so I simply requested if she could kindly make a new Bowl.

She was putting food in a very rough manner, making loud sounds as her tool touched the table as if she didn't care and was personally mad at me. And when it came to chicken, she half filled the 4oz to-go cup with chicken and poured that in my bowl and said to me "She filled in this much chicken. This is the regular amount that goes in a bowl." I told her the 4oz cup was half way filled when she poured which is technically not 4oz. I know how to measure food and since she thinks she is right I asked her to show me the measurements of the food onto a scale.

She told me she couldn't show me but that she was right and I am wrong. I paid cash and when I gave her money she kept asking me "Right? You gave me $7.00, right ma'am, right?" And when my younger sister and I were leaving from the store, they were making rude remarks about us in Spanish and laughing at us. I know it was about us because there were no other customers at that time and this girl, the previous girl, and another girl behind the counter all were just standing and judging us the whole time when this was happening, and one even sought out to be using hand gestures to describe us.

Me and my sister felt very insulted. Instead of being treated like a valuable customer, we were being treated like we did something shameful for the way your employees treated us. I don't know what this chipotle teaches their employees to be like or if that particular employee just has a terrible attitude towards customers, but either way my money is hard working money and if I pay for the right amount of food that I deserve i should not get treated like I should be ashamed for asking for the right amount. I don't think this place is doing any favors for self-respecting people.

The lady who ruined my whole lovely evening and treated me like I should be ashamed to go there and tried to make me feel like I made a mistake, has ear gauges, and facial piercings. Her name is Deysi as shown in the receipt, this should help identify her. I uploaded a picture showing the amount of food in the bowl. I hope chipotle takes actions against this rude employee and no one gets treated like the way I was in front my little sister.

She has no right to misbehave, make fun of us, or look down on me/us!

Just because she dresses in a punk way doesn't mean her attitude has to reflect on it. So dear chipotle, you lost a very valuable returning costumer today.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Nye County, Nevada, United States #1335552

Oh for crying out loud get a job so you can afford to pay for the extra. She is not a bad employee, just doing what the company asks her to give.

No need to refer to an adult old enough to work as a girl when you are the one behaving like a child. I am sure even though you think you were polite you were not, and they were polite you mistook being told no as rude. Most likely she was mad at you because of your childish behavior. I am sure you were just as mad as them.

When you tend to make a fool of yourself yeah people laugh at you. What a poor role model you are for your sister. I am surprised that your mother allows you to be alone with her. You should be ashamed of your behavior, and if something like this ruins your whole evening then you have very thin skin.

Your childish and demanding behavior and throwing a temper tantrum when things did not go your way ruined the evening.

You were the one misbehaving, and though she dresses like a punk you behaved like one. What does hear appearance have to do with anything?

Manchester, Connecticut, United States #1334973

I was the manager on duty there that day. How convenient that you failed to state that you threw the food at the sweet young lady that prepared it for you.

We had no choice but to call the local police. They arrested you for assault and public intoxication. Also you mad many racist remarks about that poor girls Latina heritage.

You are a vile person. For those interested, the case # is DFT112546


Omg you are SO petty! Asking them to measure the food??

How anal of you!

And I'm sure you didn't even care about the customers waiting behind you since you think you're special. You are the problem customer EVERYBODY hates!!!

to Tabitha New York, New York, United States #1334093

Can you read? She stated there were no other customers present. Go back to sleep!

to Anonymous Nye County, Nevada, United States #1335554

What does it matter, I am sure that the person can read, whether there were customers or not this person was acting like a child and has the nerve to call the employees a girl. I bet you are the sister. You go back to sleep, your being awake late on a school night is making you cranky because you are not getting enough rest.

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