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We have tried unsuccessfully for days to write Chipotle thru the online reporting system. It takes me thru everything til the submit button at the end and then does Not work.

The system is useless. Their Facebook page is also a failure, as it is automated and just sends me back to the broken online system. I emailed customer service and received an error message because the email is not in service. There is no way to get ahold of anyone to send any kind of documentation on the issues I have been having.

I will be contacting my credit card company to get a refund because this is just ridiculous!

Tried sending this yesterday 7/09 to the online system again, to no avail:

I contacted customer service the day I went to this location on 27th St on the 6th about this and they said they would load a free entree onto my email account, though I really wanted a refund because after we got home and started eating, we realized the guac and sour cream were both fluffy like whipped cream flavored like guac and sour cream. They put a ton of these mystery toppings all over both entrees and it was really quite gross. The meat in the barbacoa was also weird, fluffy, not at all meat textured. The customer service chat cut me off before I could elaborate on this.

Anyways, I checked back in my email account today and there is no entree loaded, so I'm contacting you to repeat our issues from the 6th.

This is what I sent the "Pepper" chat on 7/06:

Staff were not clear on terms of Friends BOGO. Woman in front of me was reading off the same email I received, saying she was ordering 4 items because it said in the details of the bogo deal, we could get up to 2 items free with BOGO purchases per person per transaction. They said no, she can only get 1 BOGO and said she was supposed to have the friend with her to get it. They then said the same to me about the bogo, I pointed to my brother at a table.

The girl made my burrito bowls and the next girl rang me up for $23 and change for my order, which was supposed to be a steak burrito bowl and a shredded beef burrito bowl, both with guac. I asked if she took the BOGO off, she said yes, they charge for both guacs though, trying to explain away the excessive amount she just charged me for what was supposed to be one entree and 2 added guac charges. I asked for a receipt, saw she didn't take the BOGO off, then waited another 10 minutes while they served a bunch of people before she rang one of the last couples up in line, who she also did not apply the BOGO for. She handled their refund for the one entree before me, then asked me what my order was.

I said it was 2 burrito bowls, one with steak for a total of $23 and change. She said "you mean chicken?" I said no that I had ordered steak and the barbacoa. I pulled my order out of the bag and she had actually given me chicken. They refunded me for the chicken entree for the BOGO, asked to see the meat in it to be sure it was chicken, then told me to toss the whole thing in the garbage and said they'd make me a steak bowl.

I do not waste food because that's a disgusting practice and we've been thru times recently where we had to use a local food pantry to keep food on the table, plus I had already been there for about 30 minutes in line and wasn't planning to be there any longer as this was Already the longest it had taken me to get an order from a place like this. We only came because of the deal we received via email, we usually go to Qdoba and have never had a problem like this before, from either place. Your employees seem woefully undertrained and uninformed as to your special despite the customers, myself included, having the whole coupon written out in front of us on our emails. The first girl gave me the wrong stuff right after I said exactly what I wanted, she was rather sloppy and off with the portions, not getting it all in the bowl, then the second girl proceeding to argue with me over the receipt saying she did take off the BOGO, then making me wait until Everyone else was served and refunded before ultimately telling me to throw away perfectly good food and wait for another bowl to be made.

This was a very bad experience, especially after not having gone out in so long now due to all the shut downs and only having one income with no unemployment due to my being in the service industry which cut employees back significantly at my previous job. They made 3 customers unhappy just in the time I was there with their lack of ability to know their job and do it well. I can only hope you do something to make sure this doesn't continue.

I don't know if we will ever go back to a Chipotle after this, between the unwillingness to honor deals and the wastefulness of not only time but food. I will add a picture of the 2 copies of the refund receipts she gave me, but she did not give me my original receipt back for some reason overcharn.stay reason.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Chipotle Cons: Small portions, Bad service and skimmy on the meat, Customer service, Uninformed, Unhelpful.

Location: 3232 South 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215

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