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Today, I ordered online because I get off from work at 4pm and my kids (2 year old and 6 year old) gets hungry at 4:15pm. I wasn't going to stand in the long line.

When coming in to pick up my order, they told me that I couldn't get this discount because I ordered online. I was highly upset because I thought I was being appreciated. I just wanted to be home so I can feed my children at a distant hour. After today, I feel that because I underappreciated and we are all underpaid, I don't think I need to buy from Chipotle again.

I still think I should get the discount that I deserve. I think the public needs to be aware of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chipotle Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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"I just wanted to be home so I can feed my children at a distant hour." And you're a teacher? I weep for your students.

to ThatIsAll1985 #1478186

THATISALL1985...Autocorrect drives me insane. "Distant" suppose to be "Decent".

I apologize for people like you that are so opinionate about small things instead of looking at the big picture of this situation.Teachers work hard to serve the students but students most time just don't care, and we really don't have time for foolishness like what you are doing now. We are always making a difference in every child's life. On the other hand, you worrying about my spelling.Let me school you about teaching and you can either take it or don't but I really don't care what you do. Teaching is not just about spelling words correctly.

Teaching is the work of heart. It is about making a difference. It is more than a , it is part of us and it is definitely not easy. I bet you that you would not survive 5 minutes with students who have attitudes, foul mouth, and very aggressive.

You will be crying within the first 2 minutes of class and you will be running out of the school. I have seen it happen many times. It would not faze me not one bit. We have students who are homeless, coming from a broken home, never heard "I love you", having lunch which may be their only meal of the day, been left home alone to raise themselves while parents on drugs or partying in clubs.

We also have students that have emotional issues that have attempted to commit suicide and did commit suicide. We also have students that have died because they went the wrong route. So we are not just teachers to students, We are everything to them.Spelling the words wrong is very minor. I chose not use profanity towards you because you properly don't know what we go through as teachers.

It effect us physically, emotionally and mentally. So don't judge me for a misspelled word and honor us what we do. It takes alot of power to do this job.

Remember we are underpaid.God bless youP.S. :If you find any misspell words, I apologize.

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